Lots of Hobby Items on eBay!!! GHQ, CinC, and Airbrushes.

I'm on vacation this week and I've been doing some re-organizing of my hobby space.  There are lots of items that I have barely used and/or may never use or paint.  As a result, I've posted quite a few very nice hobby items on eBay at steep discounts.  Swing by and check them out if you're interested.

WWIICentral on eBay

For example...  Airbrushes:

GHQ and CinC Blister Packs:

And a few other items...

Hope you all are having a nice summer :)


  1. Hi! I thought you might be Brad Anderson. He makes decals for 1/2400 carriers and helicopter decks of frigates and destroyers. But I don"t see him anymore on ebay. Would you happen to know his email address? gak83466@msn.com Garry

    1. Hi Garry,

      Brad is no longer selling and producing the decals that I designed. However, I believe they are now being offered at:


      I do not have any personal association with the new site nor the owner. However, from talking with Brad I'm sure he's a great guy.

      Hope that helps...



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