Pacific Warships

I mentioned that I've been exploring a new "speed painting" method, here are a few photos.  It's very similar to my past method but I've toned down some steps to make the process quicker:  spray can instead of airbrush, quick strategic highlights instead of layered highlights, etc.

Let me know what you think.


More photos of past painting :)

And...  here are some more.  Pacific USN early war and late war.

I'm still around... few old photos

Yep, I'm still around.  In fact, I painted some new 1/2400 just the other day using a technique that isn't too hard on my back.  I hope to post some photos in the near future.  In the mean time, here are a couple of photos from something I painted a few years ago.  I was too lazy to take good photos so these quick phone pictures will have to do.


More Wargaming Surplus Sell-offs

I've been cleaning out my office and have a few more items that I've posted on eBay.  Take a look if you're interested!

Painted Miniatures up for Auction. 15mm and 1/285

Many of you know that I have been unable to do any real painting since back surgery last year.  My painting style requires a lot of patience and focus and it's just too painful on my back to do this any longer.  The pictures below are the last detailed miniatures that you will ever see from me :(

The miniatures below are also up for auction.  They were a joint painting effort between my wife and I (she's very talented).  Feel free to take a look at eBay if you're interested and please ignore the dolls up for auction (unless you like dolls of course).  In addition to back problems I also have teenage daughters who no longer want anything to do with the dolls they've collected over the years, lol.

Thanks for visiting!

Flames of War 15mm:

GHQ 1/285:

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