About Me

Some of my earliest memories as a young child recall my Grandfather telling us of his remarkable experiences as a prisoner of war in Germany during World War II.  He and his fellow crew members were shot down in their B-17 over Czechoslovakia in 1944 and he eventually escaped his German captors toward the end of the war.

These stories developed in me an intense passion for World War II history that has never left me.  This passion has many outlets, of which painting historical miniatures is one.  This blog chronicles my experiences in studying World War II and painting miniatures that replicate this unique era of our World's History.

I strive for my painting to be striking yet realistic and historically accurate...  sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail :)  It is my hope that you will enjoy this blog and that you will be able to share my passion for World War II history.  To all those who served in this massive conflict, you have my sincere respect and appreciation for the freedoms you fought to preserve and that we all enjoy today.
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