Round or Square?

I spent some time today painting some Picoarmor that I had purchased a couple of years ago.  This time I tried some different painting techniques and I used square metal bases.

What do you think?  Do you like the round or the square/rectangle bases better?  I've been debating all day which I like better and I can't make up my mind.  I think the round look cooler, but the rectangle are likely more practical for gaming.

Round bases were painted a year or two ago...  square bases painted today:


  1. I like the square for the vehicles because they are a uniform shape like the vehicle - rectangle matches rectangle

    BUT, I much prefer round for infantry

  2. Square. It makes storing them much more space efficient.

  3. Hot damn! that's some fine painting.

    I like the round bases though, looks like a little diorama.

  4. My opinion,
    Its always a hard decision on what shape base to use for minis and I use both round and square depending on the scale.
    I suggest to stick with the round for this scale the vehicle stands out as the centre piece, the vehicles on the square base seem to blend in with the borders of the square shape.
    thanks John

  5. Of the options.. I prefer round ... But out of preference ... square or rectangle with the corners rounded off. Looks brilliant and good for play too.

  6. I'd lean towards square, personally


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