Soviet T-34 obr 1942 Tank Company

The Eastern Front is the theater of World War II that I enjoy studying most; and as a result it's also my favorite theater of painting miniatures.  I decided to give painting a company of Soviet T-34's a shot and at the last minute I added some brown camo markings.  This time around I purchase a Flames of War box set and was surprised with the various tanks that were included.  Each tank was a different sculpt (same base sculpt) with different stowage and details added; the box also included a decal sheet although I didn't use them.  Overall I was happy and will probably be more partial to buying the box kits in the future.

These are up on eBay if you're interested in purchasing them:

German Panther D Platoon

These German Panther's were painted in a solid Dunkelgelb scheme using Vallejo's "Middlestone".  The primer coat is Vallejo's Black Acrylic Urethane primer; this was the first time I've used this new product and I think it performed wonderfully!  I've got a big bottle of both Black and Grey and I think I've settled on a primer of choice :)  They do sell White but I've not tried it.

The mufflers are painted in layers using Vallejo's Panzer Aces rust colors (dark, starndard, yellow).  Overall I think the effect was just what I wanted, contrasting yet weathered and somewhat realistic.

German Grey Panzer IV F1 Platoon

For the past few years I've been devoted to painting 1/285th miniatures made by GHQ; however for a number of reasons I decided to move back to 15mm.  I miss the quality and the precision of GHQ but I sure had a lot of fun painting these...  I don't know that I'll ever return to painting 1/285th.

For these Panzer IV's I used my airbrush to create a work and faded look, by spraying lighter shades on top of the darker base coats.  I used Vallejo "German Grey" for the base coat and just added white.

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