Recent Painting by the Boss

The past few posts have shown off some painting that my boss (wife) has done.  I've provided some color guidance, airbrush tips, and general technique advising but otherwise she's done this all on her own.
Here are the latest miniatures that she has completed; they've once again turned out very nice!  Let me know what you think.

Panzer IV F1, T-34, KV-1, and M4 Sherman

And some Flying Tanks...

Up Next... Hitler's Navy

Just wanted to post a quick teaser of my next project...

Bismarck, Gneisenau, and Prinz Eugen.  I replaced the stock masts with some brass rod (there's no way a half inch mast of GHQ Pewter would stay straight and true for more than 2 seconds!).  At any rate, I hope to have updates soon.

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