Guadalcanal Gaming Mat and 1/2400 Ships

It's been quite awhile since I've posted anything...  I have been productive, but I've been lazy when it comes to the blog :(

Here's what I've been doing:  Prototyping a new "Iron Bottom Sound" Gaming Mat for my 1/6000 Navies (which are slowly growing).  I created it with and without hexes...  Let me know what you think.  I'm considering some other potentials too:  Midway, Samar, New Georgia (and surrounding Islands), etc.  The Mats are 60 inches x 40 inches.

And...  I also spent some time painting several GHQ 1/2400 Ships for a good friend.  I don't have my light box working so I can't share my usual sharp photos.

Regia Marina:

And several Royal Navy Capital Ships:

I'm not much for words today but hopefully the photos are enjoyable :)

Thanks for stopping in!



  1. wow, wonderful looking ghq ships, the owner must be a very happy man! you should start an online course for painting miniature ships, maybe for "premium" members;)

  2. Agree with the painting tutorial. The mats look awesome.

  3. Great looking mats for some amazing miniatures. No point is putting incredible minis on trashy terrain. Well done.

  4. Have you considered mats for the 1/2400 miniatures instead? Most of us who have been gaming with GHQ etc for years would love to have such mats, so as not to need to re-tool their entire navies...mine is over 500 ships for instance!

    Love the work though, its fantastic!

  5. As nice as your 1/6000 miniatures are, the detailing in the 1/2400 ships is obviously so much finer that it really brings out the beauty of those ships, something that simply cannot be achieved on the smaller scale.

  6. Are you making and selling these? I'd love to get a copy of this. I'm thinking of making a rule set for the 5th Patrol Tordedo Boat squadron which served here.


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