Trying Something New - PicoArmor

A couple of years ago I purchased some PicoArmor for a change of pace.  It's crazy small (I thought GHQ was small) and it's a very affordable Wargaming option.  This weekend I painted up a few using only a paintbrush and non-toxic paints (inlcuding matte varnish).

I'm excited to paint a few more and maybe even build a small army.  Let me know what you think.


One more picture...  excuse the poor lighting.  This is a great benefit of small miniatures; a full 4' x 6' game board (scaled down of course) on a single 1' x 2' Styrofoam sheet.

Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers

I'd like to share some Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers that I recently completed:  HMS Eagle, Hermes, Furious, Glorious, and Illustrious.

Let me know what you think :)  Now...  here's a dump of photos.

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