Painting for the GHQ Catalog - A few goodies

Hi All, I recently finished some painting for the GHQ Catalog and wanted to share a few photos that I took.  I'm always excited for the new releases that GHQ puts out each year, the new release list is only a month or two away :)

sIG33B Self Propelled gun...  introduced at Stalingrad.  I was asking feverishly for this model for the past few years so I was happy to get it this year :)

Another close up...

US T-92 240mm SPG

The other side...

French Jaureguiberry...  Pre-Dreadnought...  what a funky little ship!

Coin and Pin for scale... 

Finnish Infantry and Support - I haven't painted any Infantry in a few years; I just don't really enjoy painting it for some reason.  Let me know what you think of these because I have a lot of Soviet and German Infantry to paint and I would like to know what people think of this style (minus the snow).

Thanks for looking!


  1. Detail work on these is superb!


  2. Your painting g makes me sick. Are you airbrushing the vehicles? And show me a picture ease of the brush you use for the details. What paints are you using and any other tips.

    You don't have to tell me all that, but your painting is superb.

  3. I actually like painting infantry, although priming them is tedious. I think you should continue to paint infantry they look awesome!

  4. Also, Tanner I think you should do a video on how you paint your GHQ tanks, I think it is much needed
    there are relatively no videos on youtube for 6mm

  5. Excellent work, as always Tanner
    pleasure to view your work
    JOhn Bond

  6. Thanks for the feedback guys :)

    Itinerant - I use an airbrush on all of my miniatures, then the detail is painted with a nice Kolinsky Sable. I used a Davinci Maestro 5/0 on these.

    Jcatland_Art - I plan to continue with infantry... there is no way for me to get better unless I practice. As for the video: I'd love to, but it's more work than it seems and I just don't have the motivation to do it at the moment :( I'll keep the idea in my mind.

    John - good to hear from you :) I hope all is well.


  7. Hi, Tanner. I am having trouble with my airbrush so I am hand painting everything, what is a good ratio to thin vallejo paints? I've tried 1:1 with purified water but it still isn't working for me. Ay suggestions?
    Thanks a ton!
    -Jon Catland


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