Never before seen! New color archival photos of the Bismarck.

Well...  these aren't exactly archival photos of the actual Bismarck.  But they are color and until today they have never been seen before :)  German color photos during the War had a characteristic yellow hue to them, so I thought I'd have a little fun with my miniature photos.

And again in black and white...

Here is the original photo.  This is the GHQ 1/2400 Bismarck; this was my first time painting a German warship.

One more, top down.

And lastly, the obligatory coin and push pin photo.  No matter how many GHQ miniatures I paint, I'm always amazed at the small size and the detail.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Great paint job again. I've got my German fleet to paint and it includes the Bismark. I'll try to replicate your excellent work.

  2. Super nice!! I wish that I could paint like that..


  3. Amazing work, as usual. I'm always inspired by your modelling work, and now your photoshopping as well!

    For what it's worth, I've nominated your excellent blog for the "Leibster" award that has been going around the Internet. You can check out my Serrez les Rangs! blog for details.

    Thanks for keeping up a great blog.

  4. Blimey, and they call 20mm 'braille scale'. Outstanding paint job. You must have the eyes of a hawk. I've seen the 'Bismark' presented many times but never as well as any scale. Congratulations.

  5. So nicely done I scrunched up my eyebrows trying to figure out if it was a fake. Then I scrolled down... Nice work. If you could just refine the bow wave and wake I would be totally fooled.

  6. Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words and support :)



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