GHQ 1/2400 Japanese Carriers - Kaga, Zuikaku, and Hiyo

It has been far too long since my last real post...  sorry about that.  I certainly have had miniatures on my brain but things have been incredibly busy at work.  I got my first breather this week and I spent some time working on some IJN Carriers.

Kaga.  I'm happy with how things turned out except I wish I had done the deck slightly darker...  something I'll fix the next time I paint a Kaga :)

Zuikaku and Hiyo.  Not bad for my first deck camo I guess, although there are some things I would change here as well.

Tiny, tiny, tiny...

Comments and feedback are appreciated :)



  1. Nothing to comment except, 'Whoa, that is some seriously gorgeous work'!

    Bravo - very inspiring.

  2. Really good job. But they look like 1:2400 rather than 1:300 (which makes the painting even better). Love the basing you did as well. Very realistic.

  3. LOL... yep, they are 1/2400 :) I'm so used to typing 1/285 (because that's mainly what I paint). I've corrected the title :)

    Thanks for the feedback guys!


  4. Excellent work on those! Did you use any decals on the decks?


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