Why so quiet on the Central Front?

The answer...  a cabin in the woods.  I admit that I've neglected my blog for a couple of months and I apologize to all those who have asked questions or posted comments and gotten no response.  The cause of the neglect can be seen below:

Aside from the nightmare of paper work that is involved with a home purchase, this place has been vacant for a little while and needs some work and maintenance.  Please bear with me and I hope to be back to painting models/miniatures in the near future.

On a somewhat related note, I'm selling off some of my painted (and unpainted) miniatures to help fund some of the said maintenance.  If you're interested, you can find my recently complete 1/285th Russian Village for sale on eBay here.

Please wish me luck on the mountain adventure...  I'm not a "cold" person so I'm gonna need it.



  1. Sweet! Post rental rates when available ;)

  2. Hey Tanner,

    Man I love your painting style. I look forward to seeing more.

    Can I get a quick answer to a question? Sorry this post is out of place.

    What colors do you paint your German helmets with? What highlights do you use for each? I use German grey and dark camo green but I can never make them pop out. I use all Vallejo paints. I am looking for a Normandy 1944 style.

  3. Hi Tanner
    congratulations on your home purchase,very nice, looks like you will be also busy setting up a new paint station
    thanks JohnBond

  4. Thanks guys :)

    MCT - No rental rates here, this will be my little "escape from reality" sanctuary :)

    Kelly... For just a painted helmet I typically use Vallejo 979 German Cam. Dark Green (although I sometimes you Fieldgrey too). The highlights are done by adding white until I'm happy with the look. For '44 style helmet covers it's even easier... I use the Vallejo Panzer Aces range: 345 Splinter Camo Base, 346 Splinter Blotches I, 347 Splinter Blotches II, and 348 Splinter Strips. If I'm painting a larger scale figure I might highlight the Blotches by adding a little white to the base color. Hope that helps.

    John, thanks for stopping by, it's good to hear from you again.


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