Based buildings for the Eastern Front

It's been slow going for me lately, but I wanted to post a few photos of my Russian village pieces on bases.  They aren't much to look at but I'm pretty happy with the dirt, grass, and foliage colors...  something I've struggled with for the past couple of years.

Here is a small Soviet farm complex...  I plan to complete an orchard and some crop rows to make up a small collectivized farm. 

...A small cottage...

Russian Orthodox Church, based with a rough stone wall.  I wanted a little more detail on the base (like trees, etc.) but decided to keep it plain to allow infantry bases and vehicles to take refuge without too much to get in the way.

Not much else going on for now...  I hope to find more time to paint in the coming months...


  1. nice work.
    Ok, one step after another.

    What about the dragon king tiger, is it finished?

  2. Nice work Tanner
    looking forward to seeing the orchard and crop rows
    thanks JOhn Bond

  3. Good work. You could always place small, separately mounted trees next to the church and then remove them when the troops arrive.

    The bases are inspiring.

  4. Just notice the small plants or herbs coming out of the windows
    nice touch
    JOhn Bond

  5. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback!

    Braxen, unfortunately my KT is sitting on the shelf half finished. Hopefully I'll get the motivation soon to pick it back up.

    Itinerant, good suggestion... something I'm likely to use.


  6. Very nice Tanner!

    What are you using for the bases?

  7. Thanks! I used .4mm sheet styrene cut to size.

  8. Nice work Tanner! Now come back to 15mm!
    Seriously, the based terrain is a good way of staying flexible. I ran into issues of storage and setup due to gluing down the terrain on a hex thus needing many, many, MANY hexes to depict various mentioned, you could also do tree bases to add or remove as needed to change to wooded terrain.



  9. Thanks Troy :) 15mm is always tempting for me... seeing your painting and some of the other great stuff out there increases that temptation, but unfortunately all my money has been spent by the boss.

    I learned the hard way gluing buildings down on terrain maker hexes and I completely agree; your method of basing the buildings is definitely the way to go!

    Thanks for the comments,

  10. Dam good Work Tanner!!! Congrats!!!Horns High\m/

  11. Your miniatures, especially your 6mms are amazing.
    Did you ever consider making a 6mm painting tutorial?

  12. Hi Tanner
    just wondering what you are working on at the moment(waiting to see more of you excellent work)
    thanks John Bond

  13. Hey guys, I appreciate the comments and I apologize for not responding to them. I've had lots going on at work and just recently purchased a new home... Probably the only thing I'll be painted for a few weeks/months is the walls in the new house :(

    I hope to be back in the swing of things soon.



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