15mm Plastic Soldier Company T-34's are da Bomb!

I've got lots of finished pictures today as I cleared off several items on my workbench.  I've been very anxious to start painting my 1/72nd miniatures so I think that gave me the impetus for getting my 15mm stuff done.  Before I go any further I have to say that Plastic Soldier Company's T-34's are awesome to paint; I've said this before but I think we are seeing a new movement in 15mm that will change this market's direction for the good.

I guess I'll treat this post more as a "photo blog" post as really I just wanted to share my finished pictures.  So I'll start off with Ernst Barkmann's Panther and Workshop.  Painting this at the same time as PSC's T-34 was tough because I kept wanting to switch back over to the crisply detailed T-34.

I should also mention that a couple of these sets are available for sale on eBay right now.

Next up, are my 15mm (1/100) Armaments in Miniature Me-109's that I recently posted on.  I have a few more photos now that were taken in my light box.  Great little aircraft!

And last, but not least is the Plastic Solder Company's 15mm T-34 with both the 76 and 85 turret options.  This was a very great idea by PSC and obviously allows you to field more options.


  1. Excellent work. Thanks for the eye candy. I was a metal-only guy but have been convinced, through work like this, to look into the plastic options that are out there.

    Good luck on the auctions.

  2. Thanks MCT :)

    15mm might be sparse for awhile since there aren't many plastic options out there. Hopefully it continues to grow.

  3. I like the 15mm scale for modeling, but prefer micro scale for gaming. 15mm gaming looks like a parking lot very quickly, IMHO. Don't game much these days so dabble with both scales.

  4. Agreed on the parking lot issue... But then again I don't game much either (which is probably evident by all my painting articles).

  5. I have always been attracted to the gaming, via the love of history. Far too many game to win and I just enjoy the historical research and study ;)

  6. Quick Question - Is the Eclipse HP CS Recommended on your site capable of detail work on 15mm as well as camo on Micro Armor?

  7. I can't speak as to micro armor since I sold all mine :) Also, I was never any good at airbrushing micro armor camo (I sucked at it). But the camo on the Panther above was done with the Iwata Eclipse shown in my recommended list.

    I've tried so many airbrushes over the past few years and I have to admit I love my Eclipse - it was only $90 and the replacement parts are sold across the street at Hobby Lobby (this is a big consideration for me).

  8. Correction, I think it was $100 on sale at the time... still an awesome price!

  9. Thanks for the feedback. Will have me a look. If I decide to get one, will use your reference link. Thanks again.

  10. NP, good luck :) I'm thinking of "collecting" another Eclipse too, getting the siphon feed Eclipse so that I have a larger cup to draw from when using primer/gloss/matte varnish - it also has a larger nozzle for the thicker paints.

  11. Your T34s are so good that it makes me want to strip the paint off my Russian vehicles and start from scratch! Please post a tutorial on painting Russian vehicles.

  12. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the kind words :) For some reason, photo tutorials are always so much work for me. I'll look into putting a Russian Green tutorial together in the near future.

    In the mean time, check out my Tiger I tutorial by clicking on the tutorial tag. This Russian T-34 was painted in almost the same way, just with Russian Green instead of Middlestone (and of course no camo). Everything else was pretty close to the same techniques and colors.

    Hope that helps,


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