Warlord 28mm Plastics - Gifts from Santa

I don't often receive World War II related gifts for Christmas...  and WWII Miniatures at that.  This year however, I received some from my kids!  (well...  technically, the money they used came from me...  but that's close enough).

For a long time now, I've been eye-balling 28mm Miniatures.  I've wanted to try something that is both fun to paint and provides a lot of detail to work with.  Several years ago I painted a Bolt Action figure and a Hanomag Halftrack; it turned out good but I never took it any further.  I also received some Rubicon 28mm Vehicles; I'll review those separately.

First up for review:  Warlord 28mm Plastic Infantry.  I received the Blitzkrieg German Infantry Box:

And the Soviet Infantry Box:

The detail is pretty good and I love the facial expressions (with some exceptions)

Proportions are solid and a bit chunky, but I like that.  "Realistic" sizing at this scale doesn't appeal to me.  These should hold up to use, and I don't anticipate broken/bent barrels like I've experienced with smaller scale plastics.

Round bases come in each of the boxes as well, so you don't need to buy any extra (except in the case of prone figures).

Each sprue comes with bodies, legs, arms, heads, weapons, gear, etc.  This is really a cool concept because it allows you to model so many different variants!  I love being able to pick the heads and facial expressions that I want.

There are flash lines to clean up as you can see...  but this really isn't a problem on plastics.  It is so much easier to scrape these lines off than to endlessly file metal figures (I hated this on Battlefront 15mm!!!).

Some of the facial expressions are a bit weird...  almost alien looking; but most of them look pretty darn good.  I can only imagine how hard it is to sculpt eyes at this scale anyway :)

Not sure what's up with the green bases...  but some  in the German box were green and some were grey.  Probably just older stock on bases.

Pouches, canteens, gas mask canisters, etc. are very easy to apply to the figure:  just use a little plastic cement and they melt right on.

There are 40 Figures in the Soviet box and only 30 in the German Box...  I believe the Soviet Box set is a little more expensive so this makes sense.

My opinion of these figures is very high!  I like the detail, the flexibility, and I don't see anything that is historically out of place.  Once I start actually painting them, that may change, but I'm excited to give these a shot in the near future.

Thanks for browsing and Happy New Year!


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  1. The Soviet box is nice. I've also reviewed it: http://littleleadwarriors.blogspot.ca/2014/05/in-box-warlords-28mm-ww2-plastic.html

    And painted them up http://littleleadwarriors.blogspot.ca/2014/08/soviet-platoon-for-chain-of-command.html


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