I wish I could take credit for this...

You know, for a minute or two I was prepared to post these pictures and say "Look what I just finished painting!".  But then I realized that I just couldn't do that; it wouldn't be right (and my wife reads my blog).

Take a look at what she just finished painting!  Pretty darn good!  I asked if I could keep them for myself and the answer was "NO".

Anyway, here they are:  T-70's, T-34's, KV-1s', and Zis-5 Trucks.  Oh... and there are a few photos of some 1/2400 Carriers I finished painting:  IJN Shoho and USN CV-10 Yorktown.


  1. Wow, very nice - crisp and clean and an impressive amount of detail for that scale! Top notch, she can be proud!

  2. Hi Tanner, my compliments to your good lady, that is some very nice painting, well done.

    I think you will have to raise your game, otherwise I could see a rival blog being set up


  3. I'd say it's time for some emotional blackmail! "Honey, if you really loved me you'd let me have those and paint some more for yourself" kind of thing.

  4. Wow!! She's really an artist!! Like my wife: a better painter than I am!

  5. Both of you and your wife works are amazing! But i gotta say the works she did here and your previous post on her other works are really super wicked!

  6. Much better than my 15mm painting :O)

    Kind regards,



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