Recent Painting by the Boss

The past few posts have shown off some painting that my boss (wife) has done.  I've provided some color guidance, airbrush tips, and general technique advising but otherwise she's done this all on her own.
Here are the latest miniatures that she has completed; they've once again turned out very nice!  Let me know what you think.

Panzer IV F1, T-34, KV-1, and M4 Sherman

And some Flying Tanks...


  1. Your wife does some very strong work, very nice!

  2. That is truly wonderful painting! I am very impressed!

  3. Naturally talented! Great job!


  4. Wow! Stunning - love the vibrant colours!

  5. She's a keeper. Great work.

  6. Thanks Guys! I completely agree... although I am biased :)

  7. Your wife is very skilled. Those models are very small, however you are able to see so many details. Great job!

  8. Absolutely out of this world. You and your wife paint GHQ miniatures so well! I wish to aspire to be able to get as good as how you guys do it! Two Thumbs up! The Devil is in the DETAILS and you guys are nailing it in terms of detailed miniature painting!

    Speaking of which, I have awarded you the latest edition of the Liebster Blog Award. Please feel free to just accept it and not go through the trouble of answering the questions and nominating other blogs. I am cool with that.

    But if you are interested in spreading the love and support for new blogs, you can see the rules and questions in the blog link below in which I have mentioned my nomination for your blog.



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