My *NEW* Hobby Space... I'll be painting again soon!

It has been almost a full year since I last painted any historical miniatures.  My! My! Time Flies!  This past year we have been building our new home and we finally moved in a couple of months ago.  I now have my own hobby space (Sssshhhh...  it's the "Family Study" according to my Wife).

As you can see, I will have a lot of storage space for all my junk.  All that I'm waiting on is the Formica counter top that will run wall to wall.  I also have a small garage/shop that is attached to the house so I finally have a workshop for airbrushing :)

In the mean time, all of my hobby "junk" is stacked (piled?) in a corner of my bedroom.  I have had several emails from folks asking when I plan to paint again and when I plan to design additional decals.  The answer to those questions is "Soon!".

Look for new additions to my site in the coming months. It's been hard not having any hobby time to clear my mind, but I think the wait has been worth it.

Stay tuned!



  1. Very excited! Please keep us informed. :)

  2. A worthy man-cave. Plenty of light and, hopefully, easily defensible. Looking forward to future painting output.

  3. Always hated moving but after you get settled its nice, cant wait to see what comes the next few months

    Jon C.


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