World War II Cruisers and Destroyers

Wow!  It's been over a month since my last post...  I am ashamed.

I don't have much to expound upon or share, but I do have a few photos that I snapped of a recent set of ships that I painted:  IJN CA's and DD's as well as some USN CA's and DD's (click for larger photos).  They turned out very vivid...  a pretty nice force!

Here's a shot of my painting process before and after the wash.

I hope everyone is having a nice summer :)



  1. Very nice detail for such a small scale! What's rule system do you play?

  2. Currently my son and I play the axis and allies war at sea rules. Not super complex, but we enjoy it. I've only been collecting and painting naval miniatures for about a year now... thanks to Ian Toll and James Hornfischer :-)

  3. Amazing work, Tanner!

    Do you happen to have a list on your blog of the specific paints that you are using? My personal paint palette is a bit short of suitable naval colors...


  4. Greg I always think your work is amazing. I have a decent collection of 1/2400 scale ships, but they are not as nice as yours.

    Mike Bunkermeister Creek


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