USN Carriers in 1/2400 - Lex, Yorktown, Big E, and Hornet

It's always nice to have a day off of work, and today is no exception (Happy President's Day!).  I recently finished a set of USN Carriers and would like to share some photos.  These were all painted with Vallejo paints applied with an airbrush and the flight decks are custom decals that I produced.

Oh, I've also included an Atlanta Class light cruiser...  what a cool ship, just bristling with guns!

Pretty impressive arsenal of power!  A compliment of ~350 Aircraft.

Lady Lex - CV-2 Lexington

CV-5 Yorktown

Big E - CV-6 Enterprise

CV-8 Hornet

CL-51 Atlanta (minus the Camo)

The usual "Coin and Pin" photo for scale...

And my "other" usual photo...  fake photo pretending to be real :)

Thanks for looking, please let me know what you think.



  1. I have to say those look amazing! Must get an airbrush....

  2. i'm thinking : @_@

    it really is impressive !

  3. Incredible work as always


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