GHQ 1/2400 Kirishima and Arizona

This weekend was my first chance in quite awhile to get some painting done and post new pictures.  Continuing with my recent surge of interest in the Pacific Theater, I have painted up some GHQ 1/2400 Naval miniatures.  The detail on these are excellent (of course, it's GHQ) although they were a little fiddly to put together...  I wanted to jump out the window while putting the Akagi together.  At any rate, here are a few photos:

Above:  Kirishima

Above:  USS Arizona

I even managed to finish painting a platoon of T-34's!  Due to back problems, I'm not able to sit and paint as long as I used to...  as a result these T-34's are painted using my new "fast" style painting method.  Essentially I leave out some of the details and weathering so the process is faster :)

And on request...  a photo to show scale.

Hope you enjoy, feedback appreciated.



  1. As a novice, new-ish to the hobby, it's a bit depressing for me to see that your 'fast' style is better than my 'slow' style! :)

    But, seriously, your photos are wonderful and I love your clean and vivid style - you use an airbrush with a panel shaded technique don't you?

    (I don't have an airbrush...yet!) Well, done. :)

  2. Can we get a comparison shot of the figs and a reference object - I'm trying to get a sense of how badly you've broken the awesome meter ;)

  3. Thanks for the comments guys :)

    Stephen - I typically use an airbrush yes, although I just basecoated each of these without really taking the time to highlight panels. In the case of the ships, I actually used a Testors spray can of enamel paint rather than my airbrush.

    Fireymonkeyboy - I added a reference photo above... check it out. Is this was you were looking for?


  4. Hi Tanner

    Havnt been here for a while, lovely ships? I never know what the official name is ...Glad to see you keeping going, and keep up the good work


  5. Thanks Fenton, it's good to hear from you :)

  6. Wow, some really nice ships. I'm amazed at how much detail that you can achieve on such a small scale. Is the background for the ships photoshop'ed in or is it a printed background?

  7. I love your painting metod.
    Well done!

    Cheers, from Portugal


  8. Tanner please present these to Tim Dike at very very Nice!


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