Always use a booth and mask when airbrushing!

I was just cleaning up my painting room a bit and realized that I needed to change the filter on my airbrush booth.  I use a small portable booth that isn't as powerful as some of the others I've tried in the past but it's been great for storage.  Considering it's slightly under powered, I also use a nice respirator mask that filters out things like spray paint vapors.  Almost all of the paints that I use are labeled as "non-toxic" but the filter below is a great example of why you should always protect your breathing when you airbrush; even if you're using Acrylic paints that you might think are innocuous.

Here's a close up...  the first thing my wife said when I showed her the used filter was "imagine that stuff collecting in your lungs".  Airbrush booths can be a little pricey (even my cheap portable one was over $100); but in my opinion they are more than worth the price.  At the very least, you should always be sure you're using a respirator.

Just a few hobby thoughts...  happy painting.



  1. Wow, I didn't know this effect commes using a airbrush.
    Seems a good choice to have a booth for it.

  2. Wise words. I haven't got an air brush yet but use acrylic aerosol sprays, but if anything they eject larger clouds of paint and so need a spray booth even more (which I bought). It really doesn't take long before you notice the build up on the front of the filter, but what worried me more was just how far the invisible spray cloud disperses - I noticed the next day after a heavy spray session a very fine ducting of paint on the work bench near the spray booth where the cloud had settled. So like you, I now use a mask as well.


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