More Miniatures photos from years past.

August always seems to be a busy month and this year is no exception.  I regret that I haven't done any painting for a few weeks so rather than silence I figured I would post some of my photos from years past.  Don't worry though, I got a new airbrush this week that I'm itching to try out...  so hopefully I'll have some new posts soon.

15mm Shermans - Miniatures by Battlefront

Me-109 in 1/285th - Miniatures by C in C 

1/285th Me-109's in flight somewhere over the Ukraine.

1/285th British Daimler armored cars - Miniatures by GHQ, building Unknown.

1/285th Soviet Armor - Post World War II.  Miniatures by GHQ.

Last but not least, 1/285th Tunisian Tiger somewhere outside of Tunisia :)  Miniatures by GHQ.


  1. very nice tanks, lots of detail.

  2. Oh my.......posting those amazing Micros.....and nice 15mm as well. May have to break out the paints and dig around to see what I have in the way of GHQ.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. Do you still have those wonderful tutorials you posted for the Micro some time back?

  4. Thanks guys :) I appreciate the kind words!

    ManCave Troll - I still have some PDF version tutorials floating around somewhere but they are several years old and don't reflect the painting style I've used for the past ~3-4 years. Are those what you're referring to?


  5. Yes.....I think there was a captured KV2, panzer grey and even an infantry tut, if memory serves. Sure I am forgetting some but they were a great resource for Micro

  6. keep those pictures comming


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