Italeri 1/72 Tiger I E - Finished Pictures

I won't provide much commentary but here are a few photos of my recently completed Italeri 1/72 Tiger I E.  Paints are almost all exclusively Vallejo.  If you are interested in how I painted this model, you can visit Part 1 and Part 2 of a tutorial I put together.  Feel free to post comments and feedback, Enjoy!


  1. Very well done, that is crisp, clean work and I love Tigers.

  2. An excellent build and paintjob on my favoutite WWII AFV...
    Welcome to Bennos ;-D

  3. Great job!

    The chipping and dust look right on the mark. Seems such a shame italeri made such crappy tracks for such a nice model. Oh well, you make it shine!


  4. Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Troy, I think Italeri felt that since it was a "fast assembly" kit that the tracks could be basic... but I think Plastic Soldier Company has done a good job at defying that way of thinking. I have their 1/72 T-34's and the tracks are pretty well done, complete with track sag.

    I've got their 1/72 PzIV on pre-order and I have high hopes the tracks are nicely detailed.


  5. That's a lovely piece of kit. Great work Tanner.


  6. thanks for the detailed explanations, I learned a lot.

    Could you cut on the weathering steps by using pigments? Just wondering.

    (added your blog to my blog list!)

  7. Hi Braxen,

    Good to talk to you, it's been a long time :) I still visit your blog from time to time and your painting looks great (as usual)!

    You could perhaps cut down on steps with the pigments, but the problem I run into with pigments is they tend to disappear when you apply Dullcote... or the color is alerted. I haven't found a good solution for this yet.

    Take Care!


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