Italeri, Dragon, Pegasus, and Plastic Soldier Co. in 1/72 - Up Next

When it comes to painting my "next project" I always have the same problem...  I want to paint so many models that it takes me forever to finish the project :)  This will likely become evident to you in this post.  For my next project I've chosen 6 Vehicles, ~40 Infantry figures, 1 House (not pictured), and 1 Bridge (not pictured).  I've still got a drawer full of T-34's, PzIII's, BT-7's, and a PzIV; those will have to be my "after up next" projects.

Continuing my exploration into 1/72 plastics, I've got several kits that I'm very excited about.  Italeri makes "Fast Assembly" 1/72 kits and I've thrown in a single Tiger I from these kits for good measure (the kits come with two vehicles).  Overall, these are nice vehicles and they appear to be very robust; although not as detailed as a traditional kit.

On the other end of the detail spectrum I've prepared two 1/72 Sdkfz 222 Armored Cars from Dragon...  these are quite detailed and definitely more difficult to assemble.  They are a bit fiddly and I'm not sure how they'll hold up with repeated handling (they'd be fine in a display case); my daughter asked me to buy these for her and I guess I just couldn't say no :)

Continuing my experiment with 1/72 Dragon kits, I added a Henschel King Tiger.  This beast is incredible and I'm very much looking forward to painting it.

To round out the vehicles, this next "batch" has two Pegasus Hobbies BA-6 Armored Cars (another request from the kids);  these aren't the most detailed miniatures around but I got the box of two for around $6 or $7 - so I'm more than satisfied.  My last Pegasus project turned out very nice, so I'm looking forward to these too.

Lastly, I've got the Infantry by The Plastic Soldier Company in 1/72; Germans on the left, Soviets on the right.  With the exception of a couple of weird poses, these are quite nice with lots of details.  I'm very much looking forward to these but with as meticulous as I get with painting Infantry, these might take me awhile!

I've got lots to be happy about and lots to work on; stay tuned and drop in often.  I hope to post as many "in progress" pictures on these as I can.


  1. Good info, picked up my first Pegasus models yesterday at Salute, what would you recommend for a PZIV D for early war.

  2. PzIV is actually a bit of a hole right now in 1/72 in my opinion... for a fast build kit anyway. Italeri makes a fast assembly PzIII, PzV, and PzVI; but no PzIV... go figure.

    The Plastic Soldier Company is coming out with a 1/72 PzIV in May with F1, F2/G, and H options. That might be your best bet, although you'll have to modify a bit to achieve a D.

    Pegasus unfortunately doesn't make much in the way of German Armor.


  3. Btw, it might be hard to find a standard 1/72 Panzer IV D Kit from the usual manufacturers like Dragon, Tamiya, Italeri, etc.

    I could only find one by Mirage.

  4. I really appreciate your work and am particularly looking forward to seeing how the PSC figures paint up.

    Keep up the good work.


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