PLASTICS!!! 1/72 Plastic Kits

Wow...  I think I jumped into 1/72 scale with both feet this past week.  Lately I've been in a bit of a plastics craze I think and I stumbled upon several 1/72 model kits and purchased quite a bit.  The picture at the left is just the buildings I picked up; I have several armor kits and infantry platoons somewhere in the mail.

...Sssshhh, don't tell the wife...

I've always been well aware of 1/72 (20mm for others) but I never really explored what was available.  I was surprised to find several kits that interested me keenly and I splurged.  Pegasus Hobbies makes several items for Eastern Front and Italeri has quite a few buildings that look great as well!  To be truthful, I've never been as much into the wargaming aspect of historical miniatures as much as the painting.  I've never liked assembling complicated kits either...  I'm hoping that these kits will give me an excellent balance between detail/accuracy and easy assembly; and at the same time give me a chance to paint and game a little when I get the urge.

I'll be sure to update with pictures and projects as I progress through painting these kits and I'm looking forward to painting something bigger than 1/285 and 15mm for a change.  If anyone has good recommendations for resources on 1/72 please comment, I'd love to hear the feedback.

Stay tuned...


  1. I'll be interested to see how these go especially the italeri stuff and the KV's

  2. I grew up with 1/72 scale, I found Airfix and Revell are easy and good quality kits to put together but I found the Italian ones sometimes didin't fit together as well, they slso didn't have the best instructions(back in the days I use to make them - maybe they have improved?)
    Airfix was cheaper than the Revell

  3. The 20mm (1:72) plastics look very nice and would compliment your painting skill. Also, you could use the AB line of WW2 figures as well

  4. Yep, I've heard nothing but good about AB but there are some drawbacks for me right out of the gate... I imagine they are more expensive and I don't believe they offer much in the way of eastern front. Am I right by that?

  5. The Russians are a bit light but the Germans are well represented

  6. Hey Tanner!

    The site is looking slick! I love the work you are doing with 1/72 scale plastics! Those ME-109s kick ass!

    Have you painted up any of the Infantry yet? I am eager to see what you think. My only concern with plastics may be with the long term durability - old models get pretty brittle after a few years.

    Take care,


  7. Thanks Troy :)

    I've got ~20 figures each of the 1/72 Germans and Soviets all based up and ready for a coat of primer, but I haven't gotten to any actual painting yet. Hopefully soon. I've got a box of the 15mm Soviets but I seem to have lost interest with 15mm lately.

    I worry about the durability as well, paint adhesion on plastics seems pretty good so far (no difference that I can tell) but I have mistakenly bent a couple of 1/72 rifle barrels. They fixed up easy enough but with repeated handling it might be an issue for some. For me, I guess the low cost of plastics outweights the drawbacks. I bought a box of ~60 1/72 soviets for less than a blister pack of ~35 FOW Infantry (and the 1/72 has much better detail).

    Just some thoughts,


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