On the Workbench: Ernst Barkmann and Me-109's

With the Holiday Season behind us, I'm itching to start a couple of new projects.  I really enjoy painting aircraft because there are SO MANY paint schemes to experiment with; I decided to try a few Me-109G's by Armaments in Miniature.  Overall I'm happy with the detail on these and there seems to be minimal mould lines to clean.  These are 1/100th scale so they're a little larger than Battlefront's aircraft but I think the detail and dimensions are much better than Battlefront's miniatures.

To ensure that I get my Armor fix, I'm also taking a swing at Battlefront's Ernst Barkmann box set.  It comes with Barkmann's Panther A and a mobile repair/workshop.  I added a little brass chain for detail but these box sets are great because they have a lot of extra details already moulded on the miniatures.

I'm excited to get to painting again as it's been a couple of months; I'll be sure to post details when both of these roll (and fly) off the workbench.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice!

    The chain added to the Barkman objective is a nice touch.

    The AIM planes do look very, very nice. It's made me think again about getting gliders for my British Paras.

    Thanks for sharing,



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