German Panther D Platoon

These German Panther's were painted in a solid Dunkelgelb scheme using Vallejo's "Middlestone".  The primer coat is Vallejo's Black Acrylic Urethane primer; this was the first time I've used this new product and I think it performed wonderfully!  I've got a big bottle of both Black and Grey and I think I've settled on a primer of choice :)  They do sell White but I've not tried it.

The mufflers are painted in layers using Vallejo's Panzer Aces rust colors (dark, starndard, yellow).  Overall I think the effect was just what I wanted, contrasting yet weathered and somewhat realistic.


  1. I've followed you since IntoBattle and as usual fantastic stuff! The acrylic urethane primer you're using, are you airbrushing it? Because of your review (a previous site) I purchased a Harder and Steenbeck Infinity and an Iwata air compressor and haven't painted yet until the perfect primer has been found. If this is it, any tips and pointers? Also, what product number of the ground cover (a gel mixture I think) from Vallejo were you using for your 6mm basing? Have you used anything else as good? Sorry for all the questions but the inspiration you have been providing is too much....

    Thanks Mark

  2. Hi Mark :)

    I'm very happy with the Urethane primer and I don't plan to use anything different in the near future - no real tips to speak of, I use it straight out of the bottle. I apply it with my airbrush and it comes out very smooth! Great choice on the airbrush and compressor :)

    The Vallejo pumice gel is the "Coarse Pumice" but I don't have a product number. To be honest, you can find similar products made by Golden at your local Michael's/Hobby Lobby. They are all about the same. I use the "Fine Pumice" when I don't want so much texture, like sandy roads, etc.

    Good luck!


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