Pacific Warships

I mentioned that I've been exploring a new "speed painting" method, here are a few photos.  It's very similar to my past method but I've toned down some steps to make the process quicker:  spray can instead of airbrush, quick strategic highlights instead of layered highlights, etc.

Let me know what you think.



  1. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!

  2. Seriously…a spray can…Uhg…They look incredible! Can you please demo or explain your wash/highlight process? My mine never even comes close to your look…

    1. Thanks Dan :)

      The wash is pretty simple and if I can find the time to write a tutorial I will. Basically, my steps are this:

      1. basecoat spray can (testers or similar)
      2. spray a layer or two of glosscote over the model
      3. Mix 3:1:1 of Vallejo Thinner (new clear formula): Vallejo Dark Wash: Vallejo Sepia Wash. Brush it over the whole model and draw off any excess.
      4. Once dry, use a brush dipped in Vallejo airbrush thinner to clean up the wash in spots where it's dried uneven
      5. Highlighting is easy... I use a toothpick. Dip it in un-thinned highlight color and touch the small details needing a highlight.

      Good luck, hope this helps!


    2. It does TY! V Sepia is now on my purchase list.

  3. Marvelous. GHQ miniatures are well suited for washes.

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