Wargaming Surplus Sell-off!!!

I've been unable to paint on account of my back surgery and I'm clearing out some additional non-essential miniatures - both painted and unpainted.

Checkout eBay if you're interested in getting some great deals!

Some of the stuff includes:

1/6000 Ships - Painted

Timecast 6mm Stalingrad Buildings

Lots of 1/6000 Figurehead Ships - Unpainted

Lots of Picoarmor/Oddzial Osmy - USN and IJN

1/600 Picoarmor Aircraft - Painted with flight stands

Taking a Break... Back Surgery

It's been a few months since I've posted any new work.  In fact, I think I've had only 1 or 2 posts in the past year.  This has been due to a heavy schedule and also chronic back problems that have plagued me for the past several years.

This reduction in posts is going to continue for awhile and perhaps will drastically change my ability to enjoy this hobby.  A few weeks ago, I underwent back surgery as these chronic issues escalated and I began to lose feeling and muscle function in my leg and foot.  Surgery went well and I'll be spending the next few months trying to become a new man.

If any of you have experienced something similar and have found a way to enjoy this hobby AFTER something like back surgery, let me know...  I'm interested in hearing how you did it.  I read and watch many of your blogs and websites, I'll be continuing to do that as I find it very enjoyable!

Take Care!

Holiday Painting - 1/6000 Figurehead ships

It's been a long time since I've posted anything...  I've just been too busy.  However, I did get a chance to paint up some IJN and USN Naval Forces for my Solomons campaign.  My son and I had a great slugging match (using Axis and Allies Miniatures rules) with the cruisers involved in the Battle of Savo Island.  This time around, the USN had a pretty healthy advantage; the hard hitting USN Cruisers punished my IJN forces and all of my long lance torpedoes missed!  doh!

With not much "free time" I'm enjoying the quick painting times on 1/6000 figurehead ships :)

Happy New Years everyone!

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