Old Flames of War Miniatures Photos

Still not much time to paint anything new, and someone on my previous post asked me to post "more" of my old photos; so here you go.  This time 15mm Flames of War Miniatures by Battlefront...

Wittmann and his staff in 007.

A dirty Soviet KV-2; I love these big beasts!

Winter Tiger I's.

Exaggerated chipping on command unit of Panzer IVH's.

Platoon of German Tiger II's.  These were featured in Battlefront's "Art of War II" magazine.

German captured KV-2, winter white-washed.

Sdkfz 184 Elefant's.

More Miniatures photos from years past.

August always seems to be a busy month and this year is no exception.  I regret that I haven't done any painting for a few weeks so rather than silence I figured I would post some of my photos from years past.  Don't worry though, I got a new airbrush this week that I'm itching to try out...  so hopefully I'll have some new posts soon.

15mm Shermans - Miniatures by Battlefront

Me-109 in 1/285th - Miniatures by C in C 

1/285th Me-109's in flight somewhere over the Ukraine.

1/285th British Daimler armored cars - Miniatures by GHQ, building Unknown.

1/285th Soviet Armor - Post World War II.  Miniatures by GHQ.

Last but not least, 1/285th Tunisian Tiger somewhere outside of Tunisia :)  Miniatures by GHQ.

Oh no! Here we go again!

I swore I was done with GHQ (It's a long story)...  but I got one of those darn "Summer Sale" post cards in the mail this weekend and then stumbled upon some of my painting from a previous life.  I'm still amazed at how much detail can be packed into those little dime sized miniatures (1/285th scale).  If you haven't seen GHQ miniatures before, I encourage you to at least take a look at them and admire their detail.  Their website isn't quite up to today's standards and some of the pictures on the site are poor quality, but I assure you the miniatures are little works of art, even in their raw pewter state.

At any rate, in a moment of weakness this weekend I splurged and bought a couple packs (ok, ok, I actually bought several packs).  I'm going to try putting together a SMALL and LIMITED Eastern Front Scenario and paint up a few units.  In the mean time, here are a few pictures of GHQ miniatures I painted a year or two ago.  Enjoy!

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