GHQ 1/2400 Naval - Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, Hiryu, Skokaku, Zuikaku

It seems that I've been in painting mood lately and I've finished quite a few things...  not least of which is these Imperial Japanese Aircraft Carriers.  I created some very detailed decals to make these carriers possible, and I'm very pleased with how they've turned out.

Now, bear with me while I flood you with photos...

How would history have been different if all 6 of these guys had been present at Midway?

Akagi - Nagumo's flagship






Very clean and sharp lines on the deck.  I went with a clean look, but the decks can easily be weathered after the decals are applied.

Kaga and Akagi - big and tall

Hiryu and Soryu - definitely have a smaller and lower profile

Shokaku and Zuikaku - These guys would see plenty of action even though they missed out at Midway.

Here is a good photo for scale

And to further dwarf these ships, look how small they are in comparison to a bottle of Vallejo paint!  This is the Hiryu with an Atlanta class CL alongside for comparison.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos.  Let me know what you think.  Would you buy these decals if I set up shop and made them available?



  1. How do you keep the deck markings so crisp?

  2. 10/10, I cried. Anymore plans on painting micronauts?

  3. Fireymonkeyboy - the decks are decals, they really keep themselves crisp as long as you apply them right :)

    Eviltediz43 - I cried too... last night my shoulders/back hurt so bad from hunching over to paint ~60 little Zero's :) Yes, I plan to paint LOTS more micronauts. I have all the IJN and USN Carriers and Battleships that GHQ produces and I'm working on slowly buying Cruisers, Destroyers, etc. These little buggers add up and can get expensive.


  4. Man,
    I wish I had a SBD Dauntless right about now.
    Great work, as always.
    Tell me you didn't take those amazing pictures with a Samsung mobile device. For real? Crazy!

  5. Yes, these photos are taken with my cell phone :) Samsung Galaxy S3.

    1. Amazing work and amazing photos. Love your stuff.

  6. The best 1/2400 CVs I have ever seen. I am just awe struck. The precision is beautiful. Wonderful inspiring model making and gorgeous photography of the completed models. Genius. Right I shall stop gushing.

    I think you'd have a lot of happy customers if you retailed those decals.


  7. If I rightly understood, decks are self-produced decals, aren't they?
    how do you did them? I'd be interested in buying some of them if you will mind to start such businness from your own ;-)

    Anyway, I like your models a lot, they really point out each detail on the amazing GHQ models.

    very inspiring, thank you for sharing

    1. Ok, I find my own answer just giving a look around the blog... your decals are a little bit pricey but I'm sure I'll buy them as they seems really good and they'll complete GHQ model perfectly...

  8. Rafael,

    I'm glad you found them, I hope to have an online store up and running in the coming week or two; which should make purchasing the decals easier.

    These decals fit GHQ Miniatures perfectly and I think you'll find that you really like them. I have put a lot of effort into making them right. As for price, I would love to offer them for free :) but the costs involved don't allow me to.

    Thanks for stopping by :)


  9. Awesome I want some decals please and ships...


  10. I would buy those decals in a heartbeat!


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